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Author : Morne Erasmus
General Manager – Harcourts Dunn
May 2020

   7 Ways to increase Your Home’s Value in as little as a DAY:  Top Secrets that realtors will not reveal

Your home is your most valued investment, and with a few simple steps and some smart choices, you can increase your home’s value. A few improvements will make your home more attractive to potential buyers and help you realize the complete potential value of your property.

1.  Dedicate An hour with a Professional

Requesting a realtor or an interior designer to check out your home would definitely be beneficial. Interior designers are professionals in their own right, but they will sometimes come at a higher cost. Thus, it is advisable to check with several realtors in your area and pick according to your preference. Knowledgeable realtors will know the preferences of buyers and many of them will assist and give advice to stage your home with your existing furniture, giving your home a fresh look. Provided that you will give them a chance to sell your home, they will be able to provide you with numerous ideas for improvement to give your home more appeal.

2.  Painting Your Home

I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times before. Homes that sparkle on the outside are absolute eye catchers, and that is exactly what a new coat of paint can do to your home.
This is one of the most effective upgrades you can do, and it would help protect its surfaces from future wear and tear. Since a litre of paint would only cost as little as R300, upgrading strategic areas could see you increase the potential selling price.

Altogether, if you are looking at painting your whole home, this will cost a bit of money but the return on investment is almost assured. Your home will definitely stand out but will also demand a better price in the market. You can save a bit of money by doing some of this yourself but, hiring a professional will almost certainly get the job done a lot quicker.

• Give priority to neutral colours that blend in well as it appeals to most people.
• Do some homework as to what colours are in fashion.
• Keep your focus on high traffic areas rather than repainting every inch of the home.
• The kitchen and bathrooms are essentials, including eye-sore areas such as the back door that could be covered with scratch marks from your dog.

3.  Kitchen Improvements

The kitchen is not only the functional space made for food preparation, but it is also a hub for entertainment and socializing in a modern home. Therefore, committing a bit of and time and effort to your kitchen’s presentation and appliances is sure to make your property stand out from the competition.

A small investment will be enough to add a fresh suite of appliances with a new countertop, as well as flooring would bring a complete coordinated look for your kitchen, making it look tidy and attractive. A stainless-steel appliance finish may evoke an “updated” clean and contemporary design in the mindset of a buyer. Latest versions of black stainless steel are available from LG, Samsung, and most other makes which include a softer and less reflective finish.

4.  Curb Appeal

Did you know that landscaping is one of the top three investments that could bring you the biggest return on investment? A recent survey conducted by Home-Gain revealed that an investment of approximately R6,000 – R8,000 in landscaping provides four times the return. Thus, if the overgrown landscaping, unkept bushes and tangled trees are maintained, it would promote a good look for your home. Invest in some flower bushes or coloured bushes for the entrance and other areas.

According to Voisinet:
“It could really make a significant difference in the price. Nobody likes to spend money, but landscaping might even be the most important thing, even if owners have kept up the home,”

5.  Quality Photographs and Videos

At present, most research on homes is done online before deciding to make that first drive over. Thus, the very first thing presented to a buyer is the photographs they see on-line. If these attracts attention, a buyer is almost certain to click further to investigate other details the home might have to offer.

Virtual tours and videos have almost become a standard offering presented by quality realtors. These videos would give a potential buyer a first impression of the look, feel and flow of your home. This is a great opportunity to showcase your home so add some fresh flowers in strategic areas and hide away any clutter.

The photographs and videos that present your home needs to be done in the best light, and in an angles which will attract your potential buyer.

6.  Visually Increase Your Home’s Square Footage

Square meter is not the only factor that affects the value of a property, but the visual space of your home adds a lot of appeal. It is important to make each room in your home look and feel larger.

• Replace heavy closed curtains with vertical blinds or have shutters that let light in. Open all curtains and blinds for any home viewing as a sunny room may feel much larger and open

• A single large mirror could also do the trick of giving the impression of doubling the space.

• Clearing clutter is very important since it may cause the space to look more cramped.

• Removing unnecessary items, clearing the counters, organizing your desks, straightening up the bookshelves, and keeping the kids’ toys in place can instantly make your home look more appealing.

Remember, your effort will go a long way to help a buyer visualize themselves living in the home.

7.  Lighting

Poor lighting is bound to take the attention away from the most attractive features of your home. Spending a little money on replacing the outdated light fixtures can give the home a modern feel. Remember to swap your old light bulbs with ones with higher wattage in order to illuminate the key highlights in your house. LED lighting is also a great idea in certain areas.

Improving the appearance of your home in key areas will almost certainly increase the amount that a potential buyer would be willing to pay.

By contributing your time in improving your home with a minimal investment, you will increase the number of buyers who would want to visit your home for an inspection in no time.

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