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7 April 2022

The cheapest way to build a house in South Africa

There are various factors that influence the price of building a house, but if you plan carefully, you can avoid unnecessary costs and keep other costs low.

The cost of building a house in South Africa is influenced by many factors.

However, strategic planning in terms of some of the costliest elements in the building process can help you keep the overall building costs for your home as low as possible.

The cost of building a house in South Africa
The allure of building your own house exactly to your personal specification and liking is clear. Nevertheless, undertaking to build your home from the ground up can be a daunting, complicated, and costly process.

There are various factors that influence the cost of building a home in South Africa, but the main expenses usually include the size of the house, the location that you choose for the house, and the design elements you choose to include in the house. These elements can add up quickly and your house may end up costing much more than you originally anticipated.

The cheapest way to build a house in South Africa
Fortunately, careful planning can help you keep costs low and avoid unnecessary expenses during the building process. This should keep the cost of building your home lower than it could have been if you had not planned properly.

The total cost of building your home, however, will still be largely dependent on a range of different factors. Some of these costs include elements such as:

Element Effect on overall cost
Building a bigger house More expensive
Adding stories instead of rooms on the same level Less expensive
Choosing a simple design Less expensive
Using less expensive, more affordable materials Less expensive

Therefore, in order to build your house for cheaper, it is advisable to try and keep these costs as low as possible. There are some proven ways to strategically plan some of these elements, including the size, design, and material costs, in order to ensure that the overall cost of building your home is reasonably lower than it otherwise would have been.

Adjusting the size and shape of your house
The size of the house you are building is one of the main factors that contribute to the overall cost of the building project. Since bigger houses take more time and materials and are often more complicated to design, engineer, and build, it also stands to reason that they will be more expensive. As such, adjusting the size of your house to fit to your desired budget during the planning stages of the build can help you build your house for less.

If you do need to add more rooms or feel like you need more space, building up instead of out will be less costly. This means that adding more levels to your house may save you some money on external finishes like roofing, which will result in lower overall building costs.

Adjusting the design and style of your house
It can be exciting to finally be able to add all of the elements that you have always wanted to your home when you are building the house from scratch. However, intricate designs such as arches, columns and contours, can increase the cost of building your home.

These elements take added time and effort to design, engineer, and construct, which could drive up the price of each element and, in turn, make the final price of building your home much more expensive than you had hoped. In order to keep your building costs on the more affordable side, a simple, straightforward design will mean that you do not run the risk of having to pay unnecessary expenses.

Adjusting the materials used to build your house
There are several ways to keep material and construction costs to a minimum when you are building your house. For instance, renting the construction equipment needed for a limited time instead of buying the equipment outright can be much less expensive.

There are also ways to reduce the costs of the actual building materials, such as recycling materials, using industrial waste materials, and even just being strategic in your choice of materials. This can include the use of prefabricated materials, concrete slabs, reclaimed timber, or corrugated iron, which will also result in a lower overall cost.

Final thoughts
Many people choose to build their homes because of the freedom of choice and individuality that it provides.

However, the choices that you make when you are building your home, including the size, design, and materials, can help you build the most affordable house possible that still appeals to your personal taste and needs.

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