Consumer Information

Author : City of Cape Town


Subject to approval in terms of this By-Law, the erection and/or display of estate agent signs is permitted in all areas except natural areas of maximum control.

Estate Agent signs may be displayed only from 12h00 on Saturday to 20h00 on Sundays.

Estate agent signs may not exceed 0,3m² in total area.

Not more than six estate agent directional signs will be permitted in total per showhouse, showplot or block of flats in which a showflat is on display. The definition of one sign shall include the display of two signboards only when such boards are sandwiched back to back around an electric light pole.

Estate agent signs may not be displayed along Scenic Drives and/or on any bridge, public park or public open space.

No Estate agent sign shall obscure a road traffic sign.

No Estate agent sign shall be erected on centre islands.

Directional signs shall be displayed along main routes only, being the shortest route from a main road to the property.

No Estate agent signs may be erected on any tarred areas of pavements.

Application by each estate agency on an annual basis must be made for permission to display Estate agent signs and approval shall be subject to payment of an annual fee in accordance with the Municipality’s Schedule of tariffs and charges published from time to time.

A deposit shall be paid per agency against which a charge for the removal of any sign which contravenes the By-Law will be levied. In the event of the above deposit being exhausted, permission to display such signage will be withdrawn until a further deposit is paid to the Municipality.

Any Estate agent sign unlawfully erected, or in contravention of the provisions of this Schedule, will be subject to a charge by the Municipality, calculated in accordance with the published schedule of tariffs and charges irrespective of whether such sign is removed by the Municipality or not. In the event of the said sign not being removed by the Municipality; photographic evidence of the unlawful sign will be obtained by the Municipality prior to levying the said charge.

Further information can be obtained by contacting Your Local Municipality