Author:  Rode & Associates

Rode’s Report on South African Property Market 2021:1


As one of the large independent property valuation firms in South Africa, Rode & Associates offers the property industry:

  • Real estate economics and research – based on statistical models and regularcountrywide surveys, which feed three research publications and over 5000property time series covering more than three decades
  • Property valuation – including retail, residential, commercial, industrial, ag-ricultural and specialised properties such as hotels, hospitals, dormitories,self-storage facilities, airports, and the like
  • Property consultancy – which includes forecasts, overviews, and expert anal-yses for corporates, government departments and private clients
  • Town and regional planning – which covers spatial planning and land usemanagement and property market assessments for human settlement development.

In this publication:

The Rode 2021 report also indicates that house prices in South Africa “remain buoyant, with nominal price growth reaching about 4% in February 2021 compared to February 2020 due to the interest rate bonanza”.

This implies that so far in 2021 house prices have surprisingly outpaced consumer inflation, which averaged at 3% in the first two months…

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The full report can be viewed here: