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Author:  Department of Human Settlements
Rental Housing Tribunal

What is the Rental Housing Tribunal?
➢ It is the independent body appointed by the MEC in terms of the Rental Housing Act to resolve disputes between landlords and tenants in the rental residential dwellings.
➢ It is therefore a dedicated body that can resolve disputes between tenants and landlords as an alternative to costly court actions.

What are the powers of the Tribunal?
➢ It can summon a landlord or tenant to hearing or mediation.
➢ It can order a tenant or landlord to comply with any part of the Rental Housing Act.
➢ Its ruling has the same power as judgement of the Magistrate court.
➢ It can impose a fine and /or judgement.
➢ Determination of fair rentals.

Who may lodge a complaint and how?
➢ Any tenant or landlord or group of tenants or landlords or interest group may lodge a complaint to the Tribunal.
➢ The complainant fills in a prescribed form. This can be done in one of the following ways:
1. At the Rental Housing Tribunal Office (RHT).
2. Faxed to the RHT office.
3. At the Rental Housing Information Office which a local authority may establish.
4. By other means allowed by the RHT.

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