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Author:  Estate Agency Affairs Board [EAAB]


1. Definitions

Term Definition
EAAB The Estate Agency Affairs Board duly constituted in terms of section 3 of the Act.
Education Regulations The educational requirements as set forth in The Training of Estate Agents Regulations, 2008 Government Gaz ette No. 31125 on 4 June 2008.  [R633]
Estate agent An estate agent as defined in section 1(vi) of the Act.
SAQA The South Afri can Qualifications Authority , established by the National Qualifications Framework Act, 67 of 2008.
The Act The Estate Agency Affairs Act, 112 of 1976 .

2. Purpose and scope of the policy

2.1 The policy seeks to remove barriers to entry into the estate agency sector by amending the restrictive equivalency exemption matrix which requires that, for a degree or diploma to qualify for a full exemption, the course of study for such qualification must include legal and/or commercial and/or accounting subjects appearing in the curriculum for the NQF Level 5 real estate qualification. Under the prevailing dispensation, for instance, degrees and diplomas in the humanities social sciences, teaching, arts etc., do not contain enough relevant subjects to be considered. As such, subjects that are not considered for exemption include: Anthropology, Sociology, Social Work, Languages, Linguistics, Politics, History, Public Administration, Geology, Astronomy, etc. Similarly, for candidates with post-graduate degrees to qualify for a full equivalency exemption, their qualification must be relevant to real estate and/or management.

2.2 The policy amends the restrictive equivalency exemption matrix by allowing qualifications with subjects not previously considered for full exemption against the NQF Level 5 real estate, to be considered for full exemption.

2.3 The policy does not apply to persons who do not hold any tertiary qualification with the status of, at least, an NQF Level 7 qualification obtained from a tertiary academic institution accredited with the Council on Higher Education.

3. The application of the policy

3.1 Estate agency principals, who held a valid fidelity fund certificate in that capacity on 15 July 2008, are exempted from the requirement of first completing the NQF Level 4 real estate qualification prior to enrolling for the NQF Level 5 real estate qualification. New entrants to the estate agency profession who wish to act as principal estate agents, are, however, required to first attain the NQF Level 4 qualification in real estate, whether by way of training, a Recognition of Prior Learning assessment or an equivalency exemption, before proceeding to the NQF Level 5 qualification in real estate which, similarly, may be obtained by way training, a Recognition of Prior Learning assessment or an equivalency exemption.

3.2 The EAAB may, on reasonable grounds, utilise its discretion and decline the award of a full exemption in respect of an application for an equivalency exemption where the qualification or academic programme submitted though having the status of NQF Level 7, is neither a degree nor a diploma.

note:  To be considered, all qualifications equivalent to, at least, NQF Level 7, must be obtained from Tertiary academic institutions accredited with the Council on Higher Education.
The relevant qualifications must be completed in full.

The full document can be viewed here: EAAB equivalency matrix NQF level 5: