AA - 2020

20 May 2020

New extension for drivers and car licences in South Africa

The Department of Transport has published a new directive which outline the validity of motor vehicle licences and registrations during South Africa’s 21-day lockdown.

The seven-week lockdown has made it difficult for South African motorists to renew expired licences, and the government has published a number of regulations to extend the validity of these licences until the lockdown restrictions are relaxed.

The latest regulations state that all documentation that expired between 26 March and 31 May will now be extended for 90 days from 1 June.

This extends to:

  • Learner’s licences;
  • Driving licences’
  • Temporary drivers licences’
  • Motor vehicle licence discs’
  • Themporary permits
  • Roadworthy certificates;
  • Professional driver permits

In addition, motor trade number licences that expired during this period have had their validity extended by a further six months. A motor trade number is typically used to operate an unregistered and unlicensed motor vehicle on a public road in the course of their business.

The gazette also states that driving licence centres, registering authorities, testing stations and driving schools will resume services from 1 June. This aligns with the country’s move down to level 3 lockdown restrictions.

The directive states that these facilities must follow strict hygiene rules as prescribed by government’s return-to-work regulations.

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