AA - 2020

Author:  STBB Admin
21 May 2020

It appears that the Cape Town Deeds Office are now, once again, receiving documents for Lodgement!!

19 May 2020

The Cape Town Deeds Office advised today that they will, for the time being, not accept new lodgments. They have explained to us that this was necessitated because of the low numbers of staff at their offices. Staff who have been instructed to return to work have not yet reported to work in sufficient numbers.  There simply are not enough staff members at work  to attend to the deeds that were lodged since last week’s opening and they will process these for uptake into their system first, before accepting further new lodgments.

We hope that staff will return to work as they should and will keep you updated and advise as soon as this position changes.

On the bright side, some of the deeds we lodged last week are already up for registration.

For assistance, contact us by email at info@stbb.co.za.
The Original Newsflash can be viewed here:

email coresondence received from:  Dept. rural development & land reform

Dear Conveyancers
Please note that due to the non-attendance of officials within the registration section (Lodgements) the office has no other option but to suspend lodgements from:
20 March 2020 until further notice.
Apologies for any inconvenience caused – Kind regards
P.P.  Nobuntu Debbie Hoko
Western Cape Deeds Office:  Deputy Registrar of Deeds
Tel no:  021 464 7816