Consumer Information

Author: David Thompson
25 March 2021


When a new sectional title scheme is created, the developer must, amongst other things, lodge the proposed Sectional Title Plan, after approval thereof by the Surveyor general (“SG Diagram”) with the Registrar of Deeds. The SG Diagram will indicate the positioning of the respective sectional title units, their size, their respective participation quotas, and, importantly, their respective section numbers.

However, it often happens that the numbering on the respective physical unit doors does not correlate, or is inconsistent, with the section numbers in the SG Diagram. For example, this means that you might be physically occupying unit 1, whereas in terms of the SG Diagram, you are actually occupying section number 9. It goes without saying that this has the potential to cause confusion, especially when passing transfer of the unit.

We have often been asked by a body corporate, or its trustees or managing agent, to assist with the rectification of this inconsistency. Fortunately there is a fairly simple solution, being to bring an application to Court to ‘regularize’ the inconsistency. The relief sought in the application will be to ask that the Court direct the Registrar of Deeds to amend the SG Diagram so that it correlates with the physical door numbers of the units.

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