Consumer Information

Author:  Meryl Muller
8 September 2020

Should You have a Problem with Your Landlord and Need Assistance [in the Western Cape] this needs to be in Writing.

The manner in which to do this:
Go to the Western Cape Government website:

  1. Select:  Your Government
  2. From the drop down Select:  Provincial Government
  3. Under the Heading:  The Western Cape Government
    7th item down Select:   Department of Human Settlement
  4. Under the Heading:  Services
    5th item down Select:   Settling Disputes between Landlords & Tenants
  5. Under the Heading:  Instructions
    Select:  Where to access the services
  6. Select:  You can download the relevant Complaint and Prescribed application forms

From the Contents list belowYou Need to Download, Print, Complete and Scan 2 Forms:- 
1.  Main Complaint Form for the Rental Housing Tribunal  PLUS…
2.  Failure to do Maintenance  [as an example]