Consumer Information

Author: University of the Witwatersrand – Johannesburg
A project facilitated by:   Margot Rubin (CUBES/Yeoville Studio) and Kate Tissington (SERI)


These housing guides, explaining the rights and duties, the resources and recourses, of tenants, landlords and sectional title owners, were developed by Yeoville Studio in collaboration with the Socio Economic Rights Institute (SERI). It strongly emerged from Yeoville Studio research, as well as the Housing roundtables, that opacity was the rule in terms of managing buildings, in regulating the relationship between tenants and landlords – and was contributing to the production of indecent housing, fraught relationship and often illegal or even criminal behaviours in buidlings. The guides were thus produced to give an overview of the existing rules and regulations, and were posted on SERI as well as CUBES websites, as well as made available in YBCDT offfices in Yeoville. They were further presented and workshopped in Yeoville and Rosettenville, with the assistance of Yeoville Studio partner Maurice Smithers (YBCDT).

A Guide to SECTIONAL TITLE in SOUTH AFRICA can be viewed here: