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It is essential that registered estate agents acquaint themselves with the content of the under-mentioned practice notes from time to time.The practice notes are invaluable to estate agents as they specify processe to ensure compliance with mandatory education and training requirements. Estate agents should furthemore ensure that they are using the latest available pratctice notes as chages are frequently made to acommodate the requirements of an evolving educational environment.


In terms of the Standard of Training of Estate Agents Regulations, 2008 (“the Education Regulations”), all persons seeking to enter the estate agency profession are required, as from 15 July 2008, first to serve as intern estate agents, acting under the supervision of a principal estate agent, for a continuous period of twelve months calculated from the date of the first issue to those new entrants of intern fidelity fund certificates by the Estate Agency Affairs Board (“EAAB”). This requirement applies to all new entrants, or intern estate agents, regardless of any academic, professional or other qualifications which they may hold. To accommodate the peremptory internship requirements of the Education Regulations, the EAAB has introduced a mandatory one-year programme for intern estate agents effective from 02 January 2013. The programme has been specifically designed to facilitate and monitor the induction of intern estate agents into the estate agency profession and applies to all new entrants, or intern estate agents, regardless of the future status to which such persons aspire and/or of their current academic, professional or other qualifications.

The programme has, furthermore, been designed to ensure that intern estate agents not only acquire meaningful practical estate agency experience during the twelve-month internship period but that they are also exposed to an applied and relevant practical learning experience that will enhance, and add value and understanding, to their theoretical estate agency studies. The underlying objective of the programme is to ensure that intern estate agents are provided with the required structured learning environment that will assist them to acquire the necessary practical workplace experience that they need if they are competently to perform the functions of a professional estate agents and that, just as importantly, they are not, during the course of the internship period, relegated to the peripheries of estate agency practice.

The maintenance of a mandatory workplace learning programme logbook and workplace portfolio of evidence (PoE) constitutes an integral component of the entire programme. The EAAB has, to this end, compiled a draft logbook for use by both intern estate agents and their principals (or mentors).

The Mentor

In terms of the Education Regulations, only persons who have held three consecutive FFCs and still holding the current FFC may be appointed and serve as mentors for intern estate agents. This means only full status estate agents at principal and non-principal status are allowed to play the role of the mentor. Such person’s details should reflect in the letter of appointment and accompany the intern registration forms, at the time that the intern is registering for the first time to be issued with the Intern Fidelity Fund Certificate (FFC). The details of the mentor will be captured into the EAAB system against the Intern profile and EAAB will further communicate pertinent information to the mentor accordingly. Mentor details must also be completed in the intern Logbook and portfolio of evidence. The Mentor will be responsible to monitor intern performance and learning throughput the prescribed 12 month internship period and sign-off the intern Logbook and evidence accordingly. Should an intern change employment prior to the lapse of the 12 months internship period, a new mentor must be appointed by the new principal and mentor details confirmed accordingly. Should the principal play the role of a mentor, such details must reflect in the appointment letter.

Completing the Logbook

The intern estate agent is expected, during the course of the twelve month internship period, to complete and maintain a logbook in which accomplished activities are not only fully recorded but, also, signed-off by the principal/mentor/coach/supervisor (“the principal”) assigned to assist and provide the intern estate agent with logistical support during the internship period. It is anticipated that this requirement will ensure that the intern estate agent is provided with a personal record of all practical tasks completed and experience gained at the workplace.

A further advantage of the implementation of the programme is that, should the intern estate agent at any time wish to be assessed towards the acquisition of any real estate vocational qualification(s) and desire to use some, or all, of the evidence generated and recorded in the logbook for this purpose, that intern estate agent will be able to duplicate the logbook for submission to any assessor undertaking an assessment against the relevant the qualification.

The logbook, in addition, serves as an important educational tracking device. As the intern estate agent completes the required workplace experience this achievement should be signed off in the logbook by both the intern estate agent as well as the principal.

Completing the Portfolio of Evidence (“PoE”)

The portfolio of evidence will generally be a separate file, carefully created and maintained by the intern estate agent, which should, ideally, align with the prescribed logbook activities. All naturally occurring workplace evidence generated over the twelve month internship period, and reflecting the workplace learning experience of the intern estate agent, should be inserted into the PoE. At the conclusion of the 12 months internship period, the completed PoE must be submitted, together with the logbook, by the intern estate agent to the EAAB. The PoE, and duly completed logbook, will jointly constitute acceptable evidence that the relevant workplace learning phase has been successfully completed by the intern estate agent. Only once the PoE and logbook have been considered and accepted by the EAAB as compliant can an intern’s profile be amended accordingly as compliant with Logbook requirements. Non-compliant submissions will also be responded to in the form of an email to be advised of gaps and additional submission requirements prior to their profile updated as compliant.

How to submit the Logbook and PoE

Both these two documents can be submitted to EAAB in the following ways:

By way of courier –  Addressed to:  63 Wierda Road, Wierda Road, SANDTON
mentors/Interns/Principals must instruct the courier company to sign-off delivery slip confirming successful delivery

By way of registered mailAddressed to:   Private Bag X10, BENMORE 2010
mentors/Interns/Principals must use the SAPO system to track their parcel until delivered to the EAAB.

Once received by the Education department, the relevant Education Officer will send an acknowledge receipt email confirming receipt of the submission.

By hand delivery at our Front Office Desk
mentors/Interns/Principals must ensure that they sign the delivery book at the Front Desk to confirm delivery of their submission.

Once received by the Education department, the relevant Education Officer will send an acknowledge receipt email confirming receipt of the submission.

Assessment of the Submission for compliance

The PoE and Intern Logbook is assessed by the EAAB within 30 days of receipt. The assessment outcome is communicated by way of an official letter confirming compliance or non-compliance. If not compliant, gaps and additional submission required will be specified. If compliant, the profile of an intern estate agent to that effect will be updated to reflect compliance with Logbook and PoE requirements.

Requirements for qualifications, PDE4 and status upgrade

All interns are required to complete the prescribed qualification for non-principal estate agents, i.e. FETC Real Estate (NQF 4) within the first 12 months of the first issue of their Intern Fidelity Fund Certificate (FFC). Upon completion of the prescribed qualification, interns are required to send a copy of such certification to the EAAB, and via email to Once received, the profile will be updated to reflect the qualification.

The intern once has complied with both Intern Logbook and qualification requirements will be unblocked and allowed to enrol for and undertake the Professional Designation Examination for non-principal estate agents (PDE4). Upon passing PDE 4, the intern’s status will be automatically upgraded and the intern will be issued with an amended FFC, which will reflect the new full status as well as the designation, Professional Practitioner in Real Estate (PPRE).

Compulsory status upgrade requirement

It is important to note that all interns are required to upgrade from intern estate agent to full status within 24 months period. No intern is allowed to remain an intern past this period. Therefore it is important to ensure that the Intern Logbook and the prescribed qualification is complied with within the first 12 months of the internship period and focus on PDE 4 thereafter, in order to upgrade to full status by end of the 24th month. No intern estate agent will be allowed to renew their FFC beyond the 24th month. Disqualification of the intern will be effected at month 24, to ensure the intern is compliant before allowed to re-register as estate agents.

01 June 2016