AA - 2020

Author:  Community Schemes Ombud Service
14 May 2020


The Community Schemes Ombud Service( CSOS) would like to urge Community Schemes to continue to abide by the regulations issued by Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Minister on Covid-19 especially as they relate to shared facilities.

The CSOS appeals to Scheme executives to ensure strict compliance with the regulations insofar as the wearing of masks and gloves, sanitizing surface areas and keeping a 1-meter distance between individuals.

Scheme executives must also ensure that only a limited number of individuals gather or utilise the shared essential common facilities such as laundromats, community wash lines, refuse areas at any given time and may implement any other measures within the community scheme to ensure the safety of all the residents.

“We appeal to the community scheme residents to abide by the regulations and to support community scheme executives in implementing these regulations” says Ndivhuo Rabuli, the Acting Chief Ombud of the Community Scheme Ombuds Service.

To further minimise risk, the CSOS encourages that meetings such as those of scheme executives, owners, special, or Annual General Meetings (AGMs) usually held within community schemes be held telephonically, or by electronic communication and votes be taken via round robin in terms of the applicable legislations, Management Rules or the Memorandum of Incorporation. Meetings may not be held in person under any circumstances.

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