Offered at:
1.  Institute of Estate Agents [IEASA-WC] in Pinelands and…
2.  iSiKolo School of Learning in Durbanville

Contact:  Meryl Muller
Tel no:  084 557 4640

Courses Facilitated by:  Meryl Muller and Anne-Mari Rossouw

NEW COURSE DATES:  iSiKolo – Durbanville

All FETC NQF level 4 – Full Training Courses presently offered at:  iSiKolo School of Learning – in Durbanville
[IEASA-WC – Pinelands:  courses to resume, at a later date]

New Course Starts:
Session 1 – 19 & 20 Aug.
Session 2 – 19 & 20 Oct.
Session 3 – 12, 13 & 14 Jan.
Session 4 – 9 Feb.
Session 5 – 14 Apr 2021

FETC NQF level 4 Qualification Course:
{Mandatory Qualification for Intern Estate Agents}

9 Days over an approx. 6 – 7 month period

By Appointment:
Remotely ‘on line’

Professional Designation Examination [PDE] 4 and [PDE] 5  {Preparatory Sessions for the EAAB – Open Book Exam

‘One on One Sessions
Contact:  Meryl Muller

By Appointment:
Remotely ‘on line’

EAAB Logbook Workshop  {Intern Logbook Building Session}

‘One on One Sessions’
Contact:  Meryl Muller

Soon to be available:
‘on line’ …

3 Day Intern Induction Course  –  For New Agents & Private Individuals    {The Basics of Becoming and Staying Successful}

* It is Compulsory that All Intern Agents Complete Real Estate Induction Training.  This forms part of an Intern Agents:  ‘minimum’ 12 month Internship and an integral part of the Intern Agent’s – EAAB Logbook

Rental Workshops:  Sean Luyt viewed here: