Real Estate Courses and Preparatory Session – for DATES: view here …

1. REAL ESTATE INDUCTION COURSE – Marketing & Sales: ‘The Basics of Becoming & Staying Successful’
Nationally Live ‘on line’ – 4 Mornings: from 09:00 – 13:00 daily

2. FETC NQF level 4 – Full Training Course for Intern Agents
2.1 – Classroom Based in Durbanville Cape
2.2 – Live ‘on line’ Nationally

FETC NQF level 4 – RPL

3. NC NQF level 5 – Full Training Course for Full Status Agents & Principals
3.1 – Classroom Based in Durbanville Cape
3.2 – Live ‘on line’ Nationally

4. EAAB – PDE 4 Preparatory Session – Live ‘on line’
5. EAAB – PDE 5 Preparatory Session – Live ‘on line’

6. EAAB – Logbook Preparatory Session – Live ‘on line’

Online – Business & Rental Team Development Programme – Shaun Luyt

The Online Residential Property Rentals Business & Team Development Programme – Shaun Luyt.
Developed to assist Business Owners/Principals and Rental Teams do the right thing – the first times! Available country-wide through online deliver, this monthly subscription-based programme includes best practice and compliant residential property rental procedures, forms and landlord and tenant communication templates, together with comprehensive video training for Business Owners/Principals and Rental Team Members to fully understand the importance of each and every step of the procedures, thereby empowering your Team with the knowledge to do the right thing – the first time!…

EAAB Logbook Prep. Workshop … “read more”

Compulsory for All Intern Estate Agents registered with the EAAB – for the first time from: 2 January 2013.

The purpose of the Logbook is to record Important Information and the Activities of an Intern Estate Agent, during the first 12 months in the Business – from the date of first issue of an EAAB – Intern Fidelity Fund Certificate {FFC} and under the Auspice of the Principal or Mentor of the Business.

Intern Estate Agents need to acquire Meaningful Practical Estate Agency Knowledge and Experience, while being exposed to an Applied and Relevant Practical Learning Experience, which is to Enhance and Add Value and Understanding, to Intern Estate Agents Theoretical and Practical Real Estate Agency Studies.

Consultative Selling – Workshop [module 3]

Author :  Meryl Muller – Estate Agents Training Academy [EATA] CONSULTATIVE SELLING COURSE: ‘The Necessary Ingredients for Ongoing success’ This 1 Day Course is module 3 of the IEASA – WC “3 Module”Training Initiative Programme for:...

Time Management – Workshop [module 2]

Author:  Meryl Muller – Estate Agents Training Academy [EATA] Time Management Workshop: ‘Doing the Right Thing At the Right Time’ This 1 Day Workshop is module 2 of the IEASA – WC “4 Module” Training Initiative Programme for: 1.  ...

Real Estate – INDUCTION COURSE – Facilitated: Live ‘On Line’ … “read more”

Real Estate Induction Course: “The Basics of Becoming & Staying Successful”

* Mandatory Induction Training for ALL Intern Agents
* Private Individuals ‘new’ to Real Estate
* ‘Principal Assist’ Training Program for ‘new’ Recruits

Courses run over 4 morning from: 09:00 – 13:00
On Completion of the Course, Learners are Awarded a Certificate of Attendance