REJ - May 2021

Big Brother’s (unrestrained) watch has ended – 28 May 2021

In February 2021 the Constitutional Court handed down a Judgement that made notorious whistle-blower Edward Snowden tweet: “wow”.
Privacy and the protection thereof has become an increasingly hot topic of late, with the spotlight shining on the practices of social media giants, governments, and the like…

Body corporate cannot sit back after sequestrating defaulters – 28 May 2021

FirstRand Bank Limited v Master of the High Court (Pretoria) and Others (1120/19) [2021] ZASCA 33 (7 April 2021)
When an insolvent company or individual’s assets are sold to pay its debts, and it becomes apparent that the value of the assets is not enough to settle the administration costs of the insolvent estate, thus creating a shortfall in the estate, the creditors of that insolvent estate who proved claims against the estate will be held liable to contribute to the administration costs of the estate, pro rata according to the value of their claims…