Electrical Compliance Certificate

Author : Dykes, van Heerden – ATTORNEYS & CONVEYANCERS ELECTRICAL COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATE – A REQUIREMENT IN LAW: There is an obligation in Law that when property is transferred, there is in existence a valid electrical compliance certificate or the obligation to obtain an electrical compliance certificate.

Plumbing Certificate

PLUMBING CERTIFICATE: A REQUIREMENT FOR PROPERTY TRANSFERS IN THE CITY OF CAPE TOWN: The City of Cape Town recently passed a by-law in terms of which it is required that a plumbing certificate issued by an accredited plumber is emailed to Council prior to registration of transfer.

Property Rates Bill

Author : Dykes, van Heerden – ATTORNEYS & CONVEYANCERS PROPERTY RATES BILL: The Local Government Municipal Property Rates Bill came into effect on the 1st of July 2004 and has caused much debate in South Africa. In this article is an overview of important sections which will ultimately affect the rates and taxes that will be paid by each property owner in South Africa.

Showhouse Boards – Western Cape

Author : City of Cape Town SHOWBOARDS MUNICIPAL RULES. Subject to approval in terms of this By-Law, the erection and/or display of estate agent signs is permitted in all areas except natural areas of maximum control.

Showhouse Boards FAQ – Western Cape

Author : City of Cape Town SHOWBOARDS FAQs – Western Cape WHO NEEDS TO REGISTER? Any property marketing agent that sells, markets, lets/leases or auctions properties and uses directional boards on City owned land needs to register. HOW DO I REGISTER?