90 Day Penalty Clause in Mortgage Bonds

Whenever you sell your house and are required to cancel the existing bond, you must remember that the standard home loan agreement has a clause reading something like the following:…

GUIDES: The value of a deposit when buying a home – 23 August 2019

In a world of instant gratification, the idea of delaying a home purchase until you’ve saved up a deposit sounds positively antiquated to many people – but there’s nothing old-fashioned about the amount of money to be saved by doing just that, says Rudi Botha, CEO of BetterBond…

History of Prime Overdraft Interest Rates

Bank Lending Rate in South Africa averaged 12.29 percent from 1957 until 2018, reaching an all time high of 25.50 percent in August of 1998 and a record low of 5.50 percent in December of 1962.

The current Bank Lending Rate is 9.75% as at: 16 January 2020

Home Loan Process

Author : Homeloans SA The Home Loan Process Purchasing a property and home loan applications can be a very stressful and lengthy process. To help you understand it better we listed below the entire process and who is involved…