Advantages of Owning Your Own Home

Author : Homeloans SA Owning a Property is the largest single achievement anyone can aspire to. This article covers the ‘Investment’ Aspect relating to Property Ownership.

Buy to Let

Author : Homeloans SA Buy to Let – What are the Banks Requirements Investors who are looking for a good return on their investments still believe that property is the place to put your money. One way of doing so is to through a process called “Buy-to-Let.”

Buying a Repossessed House

Author : Homeloans SA How to Buy a Repossessed House One way of getting into the property market as an investment, or to buy your own home, is to buy a repossessed house. One way of getting into the property market as an investment, or to buy your own home, is to buy a repossessed house.

Default on Mortgage Repayments

Author : Homeloans SA DEFAULT ON BOND PAYMENTS Defaulting on your Home Loan It is an undisputable fact that many South Africans live above their means and with high interest rates and job losses, many South Africans fall behind with their home loan payments

Factors that Affect Interst Rates

Author : Homeloans SA FACTORS THAT AFFECT INTEREST RATES Which Factors Affect the Interest Rate on Your Home Loan There are a number of factors that influence the rate you are being charged on your Home Loan. We look at what we call external factors

Foreign Buyers and Home Loans

Author : Homeloans SA Foreign Buyers and Home Loans in South Africa An increasing number of foreign buyers, also known as non-residents, have been buying property in South Africa over the last number of years. South Africa is seen as a sought-after investment opportunity by many foreigners

Getting Your Home Loan Approved

Author : Homeloans SA What is required to get Your Home Loan Approved in Todays Market When you look at the most recent statistics of home loans approved in South Africa the answer to the question, “What is required to get a home loan approved today?”

Good Time to Buy Property

Author : Homeloans SA GOOD TIME to BUY PROPERTY The Best Time to Buy a Property is when Media Reports, refer to the Property Cycle, as a “Buyers Market”. The Principle of “Supply and Demand” directly influences the situation.

Higher incomes needed for home loans

Author : CEO – Shaun Rademeyer – BetterBond Home Loans Higher incomes needed for home loans12 Dec 2013 According to the latest statistics from BetterBond Home Loans, home buyers in South Africa now need to earn a gross monthly income of around R30 000 to buy an average home costing some R952 000

How to Buy a Property on Auction

Author : Homeloans SA How to Buy a Property on Auction When we hear that a property is being sold on auction the first thing that comes to mind is that it’s a sale in execution – where the owner could no longer afford the bond repayments. But times have changed and our assumptions may be rather incorrect

Mortgage Bond Insurance

Author : Homeloans SA BOND INSURANCE Is Life Insurance Compulsory when taking out a Bond When you buy a house and obtain finance in the form of a Home Loan, the bank will make it a condition of grant that you have Homeowners Insurance

National Credit Act – NCA – abr.

Author : Dykes, van Heerden – ATTORNEYS & CONVEYANCERS NATIONAL CREDIT ACT: INTRODUCTION The National Credit Act (hereinafter referred to as “the NCA”) was passed by Parliament on the 10th of March 2006. The main provisions of the Act came into effect on the 1st of June 2007


Author : Homeloans SA The NCA: Banking Consumer Rights in a Nutshell One of the most important contributions made by the National Credit Act is that it defines our rights as banking consumers. Before the NCA, the banks did not have to share your credit check...

NCA – About the NCA

Author : Homeloans SA The NCA In A Nutshell The National Credit Act 34 of 2005, which was implemented on the 1st of June 2007, is a voluminous affair. The NCA itself is 116 pages long and the Regulations that apply to it, a further 168 – more than most consumers would volunteer to digest under normal circumstances

NCA – Property and the NCA

Author : Homeloans SA NCA: The Bane of Property Investment The National Credit Act (NCA), since its inception, has been controversial. Quite nobly, the NCA was intended to safeguard consumers from exploitative lending practices and to prevent over indebtedness

NCA and How it Will Affect Your Home Loan App

Author : Homeloans SA The National Credit Act and How It Will Affect Your Home Loan Application. A Blessing or a Curse? The National Credit Act was anticipated with mixed feelings and, when it was implemented on the 1st of June 2007 and was received with mixed feelings

NCA and the Homeloan Market

Author : Homeloans SA The NCA and How It Affects the Home Loan Market The culprit is… The decline in the property market has been blamed on many factors such as the world-wide recession, the high interest rates, inflation and also on the National Credit Act (NCA)

Offer to Purchase

Author : Homeloans SA Making an Offer To Purchase The Offer to Purchase is not only an important milestone in any property transaction, but also constitutes an important document – one that should not be taken lightly at all

Paying Off A Home Loan Sooner …

Author : Homeloans SA Paying Off Your Home Loan Sooner. 20 years is a very long time and 30 years is even longer. In fact, 30 years is half of our adult lives. Many homeowners will be spending that entire time repaying their single largest debt: The Home Loan

Property Ownership Options

Author : Homeloans SA When you want to buy property in South Africa, such as a free standing house, a unit in a complex or a flat, you have various options available to you with reference to the type of ownership. The most common form of ownership is freehold but we also have sectional title, share block and leasehold as forms of ownership available

Pros and cons of a fixed rate

Author : Adrian Goslett, CEO of Re/Max of Southern Africa Pros and cons of a fixed rate: 04 November 2013 With the prime interest rate at a low that was last seen in the market more than 30 years before, many homeowners contemplated fixing the rate on their bond

Should you Buy or Rent

Author : Homeloans SA Agents are often faced with this question and when attempting to guide a Prospective Purchaser or Lessee, this article will assist to: `state the facts` with `integrity`