3 Steps to Buying Your First House – 1 March 2022

“Happiness is… buying your first home” (Anon)
Few things in life can compare to the joy of finally crossing the threshold of your first home. If you are like most of us, you have been dreaming of this day for years and years – it has finally arrived!…

Advantages of Owning Your Own Home

Author : Homeloans SA Owning a Property is the largest single achievement anyone can aspire to. This article covers the ‘Investment’ Aspect relating to Property Ownership.

Buy to Let

Author : Homeloans SA Buy to Let – What are the Banks Requirements Investors who are looking for a good return on their investments still believe that property is the place to put your money. One way of doing so is to through a process called “Buy-to-Let.”

Buying a Repossessed House

Author : Homeloans SA How to Buy a Repossessed House One way of getting into the property market as an investment, or to buy your own home, is to buy a repossessed house. One way of getting into the property market as an investment, or to buy your own home, is to buy a repossessed house.

Good Time to Buy Property

Author : Homeloans SA GOOD TIME to BUY PROPERTY The Best Time to Buy a Property is when Media Reports, refer to the Property Cycle, as a “Buyers Market”. The Principle of “Supply and Demand” directly influences the situation.

How to Buy a Property on Auction

Author : Homeloans SA How to Buy a Property on Auction When we hear that a property is being sold on auction the first thing that comes to mind is that it’s a sale in execution – where the owner could no longer afford the bond repayments. But times have changed and our assumptions may be rather incorrect

Property Ownership Options

Author : Homeloans SA When you want to buy property in South Africa, such as a free standing house, a unit in a complex or a flat, you have various options available to you with reference to the type of ownership. The most common form of ownership is freehold but we also have sectional title, share block and leasehold as forms of ownership available

Should you Buy or Rent

Author : Homeloans SA Agents are often faced with this question and when attempting to guide a Prospective Purchaser or Lessee, this article will assist to: `state the facts` with `integrity`

The Pros and Cons of Buying Repossessed Houses – 4 March 2022

With the potential for cheap purchase prices, the idea of buying repossessed houses is appealing to many people shopping the property market. Whether looking for a primary home, an investment property, or a property to sell on for a profit, a lower purchase price holds immense attraction for buyers…


Buying-off-plan has made owning a brand-new home more affordable and accessible.
The repo rate is sitting at an unprecedented low and buyers and investors are caught between buying-off-plan versus buying an existing property…