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Author: Deli Nkambule
Estate Agency Affairs Board
25 June 2021

Can One hold more than 1 Fidelity Fund Certificate and work for 2 Different Real Estate Firms, at the same time?

After receiving numerous queries from Agents and Principals as to whether Once can hold more than 1 Fidelity Fund Certificate [FFC] at a time….  So I wrote to the EAAB:

Question:  I asked:

“Can a Principal of a Real Estate Firm, holding a Principal FFC in His Own Company … also work for another Company as a Non Principal Estate Agent and hold a Non principal FFC in the other Firms name”?

Answer:  received by email on:  25 June 2021…

“He can hold two types of FFC.’ he is required to hold an FFC under all the companies in which he operates or works, he cannot be allowed to use his Principal FFC to work in the another firm where he is a full status estate agent.

So in short for every firm that you work under as a principal you must hold an FFC, whether you act as a full status in the other and principal, in the other.

One FFC will state employee full status estate agent the other will state principal

Signed:  Deli Nkambule