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Author:  Meryl Muller
[from the second email communique sent out by the EAAB]
18 November 2020


The email contains important information for candidates to be able to set-up, participate in and complete the examination.

The email reads
This e-mail contains important information such as your user account information to be able to participate in and complete the examination.

This e-mail also contains important information for candidates to be able to further set-up, explore the practice exam, participate in and complete the examination.

This is the second and the very last email to all exam candidates prior to the exam scheduled for 19 November 2020 (the actual examination date).

As per the previous email sent on the 13 November 2020, the EAAB wishes to advise once again that you have been successfully registered for the Professional Designation Examination taking place on the 19th November 2020, from 09h00 – 13h00. As the examination will be conducted through the new On-line Exam system, the EAAB will at this time NOT be communicating or confirming Exam Seat Numbers to examination candidates (these will be created at a later stage and populated on My EAAB portal on the candidates’ profiles, as we will use these for uploading of examination results and any further post-examination queries from exam candidates). Those who have already been issued or sent the Exam Seat Numbers are advised to keep record of same as it will still be valid for our post examination processes.

Mode of the exam:

The examination will be for four (4) hours (this time includes your reading time of exam questions), open-book and will be taken strictly via the EAAB On-line System.
You are reminded that the Exam venues that were initially published on the EAAB website were meant to enable On-line enrolment. This means that there will be no examination conducted in those venues and therefore please do not visit those venues as there will not be any venue-based examination in those venues.

System requirements

Please ensure that you meet the system requirements, have installed the Google Chrome Browser and the Proctorio Plugin as described in the previous e-mail sent to all exam candidates on Friday 13 November 2020. You will not be able to take the examination if you have not checked and installed the required software.

Setting up yourself and your browser for a secured and protected examination

Examination Candidates are advised that the exam system uses a Chrome plugin called “Proctorio” for remote proctoring. This plugin must be set-up by all candidates before the date of the exam.

From your Google Chrome browser install the plugin via the following link:

Once set-up on your Chrome Browser you are able to take the examination on the 19th of November. Without the plugin you cannot partake in the examination. Therefore, it is compulsory for all candidates to set up and check the successful setting-up of Proctorio on their browsers before the examination.

Click the following link to see more information about using Proctorio:

Examination duration

The examination duration is 4 hours which includes the exam reading time, and it will be available from 9.00am – 13:00pm. At 9.00am you are able to start the examination and at 13.00pm the system will automatically close and submit the exam.

Personal Dashboard (on the system)

As advised above, the examination will be completely online in the Cirrus platform. The examination can be started from your dashboard.

To login to your personal dashboard go to:

Your e-mail address is also your username. Login with your username (this is your e-mail address) and password (This is your 13 digit number).

On the dashboard you will see the examination you are scheduled for (i.e if you have enrolled for PDE 4, you will see only that and if you have enrolled for PDE 5, your will only see PDE 5). On the 19th of November at 09h00 you are able to start the examination.

Unable to login (or forgotten password)

In case you are unable to login, then you need to reset the password. Use the following link to reset your password:

On that page enter your e-mail address in the field Username and click Send email.

A reset-link will be sent to you via e-mail (also check your spam folder/Junk emails). With the link in that email you can enter a new personal password. Please note down this password as you will need it for the examination. The EAAB will not have record of this password and therefore the EAAB will not be able to provide you with the password that you would have created.

You can reset the Password at any time before the exam date as long as you will have it on the date of the examination.

Practice Examination

Once again, we urge you to make sure that you have completed the tour on how the platform operates. This information can be found in the mail sent earlier. At this time, the EAAB is happy to announce that a practice examination has now been set-up for all exam candidates to practice the exam. You will notice that this practice exam has nothing to do with the industry as it is merely for your practice. Click the link below to take up the practice exam.

Important advice:

On the 19th of November, before you start at 09h00, we advise that you ensure you are personally ready to avoid distractions and wasting of time. You are not allowed to leave the system during the examination session. Leaving your desk will automatically terminate the examination. Please have your ID or Passport at hand, since you might be asked for when starting the examination.

When you start late, you will have less time for the examination. Therefore make sure you are seated and logged-in on time. The examination will automatically close and submit the exam at 13h00.

If you have any questions please reply to this e-mail address or call 0105932626 (and call or request to be directed to the IT department).

Once again, we wish you all the best with your final preparations.
Best regards,
Mfundo Daki
The Estate Agency Affairs Board

The original ‘second’ Communique can be viewed 2nd. Communique to Exam candidates on the EAAB On-line exam: