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Author:  Meryl Muller
[from the first email communique sent out by the EAAB]
13 November 2020


This is the first email of the two emails that the EAAB will send to all exam candidates, who have been accepted to write the above PDE – and prior to 19 November 2020

The email contains important information for candidates to be able to set-up, participate in and complete the examination.

The information, below ‘is just an ‘outline‘ of the VERY IMPORTANT ASPECTS of what Candidates Need to do ‘prior’ to taking this ‘first’ EAAB on-line examination  ….  [below is the ‘original’ EAAB email communique sent to Candidates that have been accepted to write this exam on 19 November 2020]

The email reads:   “You have been successfully registered for the Professional Designation Examination” taking place on the 19th November 2020

The examination will ONLY be conducted through the new On-line Exam system.  [no more writing of the PDE will take place at venues around the Country]  that being the practice, in the past.

Mode of the exam:
The examination will be for four (4) hours (this time includes your reading time of exam questions), open-book

System Requirements:

  • The examination can be taken on a desktop computer or laptop.
  • You need an Internet connection throughout the whole examination, the minimum speed required is 1MBps.
  • The screen resolution of your computer must be a minimum of 1280×800 pixels.
  • A functioning webcam with video and sound is required.
  • You need to install the latest Google Chrome Browser on your computer.

You will not be able to take the examination if you don’t have the ‘correct’ software installed.

Examination duration

  • Examination duration is 4 hours [which includes the exam reading time]
  • From:   9.00am – 13:00pm.
  • Examination is an ‘open book’ exam  [so You can refer to Your EAAB Study Guides and
    any other ‘written’ material You have prepped for Your exam]
  • The system will automatically close at 13.00pm
  • The system will then ‘automatically’ submit whatever work You have completed
    during the 4 hours

Setting up yourself and your browser for a secured and protected examination
The Exam system uses a Chrome plugin called “Proctorio” for remote proctoring.

  • This plugin must be set-up by all candidates before the date of the exam.
  • From the ‘latest’ Google Chrome browser – install the plugin via the following link:

ONLY Once set-up on your Chrome Browser will you be able to take this examination
Therefore, it is compulsory for all candidates to set up and check the successful setting-up of Proctorio on Your browser, before the examination date.

Click the following link to see more information about using Proctorio:

Tour of the On-line platform
As this will be Your first time in the EAAB On-line Exam system, You are being afforded the opportunity to take a tour of the system.   This will give You an idea of how the examination system works and prepare you to work on the system.

The link to take the tour

During the Exam:

You will be able to use

  • the edit function which will enable you to change the answers to your satisfaction
  • So you will also be able to go back to the previous question, for the purposes of editing your answers.

ONLY Once you are certain that your answers are complete [according to the exam instructions]:
Click onSubmit button [available on the system itself].

Manage your time:
at the end of  4 hours: the system will automatically submit  what ever work You have completed during the exam [regardless of whether or not You clicked on the Submit button and submitted Your answers, as You worked through the exam]   This is because the duration of the exam session, would have ended.

*  The second email will be sent out, once the final schedule is created on the EAAB Online Exam System
It is envisaged this will be next week and prior to the actual exam date.
This email will enable the Candidate to access the exam itself also, further instructions and Your account details.

If you have any questions please email:   Professional Designation Exam:
or call:   0105932626  and request to be directed to the IT department

Examination results
As per standard process, the examination results are released by the EAAB within 6 – 8 weeks after the date of the exam. These results are populated on the examination candidate’s profile and are viewable on My EAAB portal. Examination Candidates are required to view these results by logging into their profile on the portal.

Lodging of appeals against examination results
Examination candidates who were unsuccessful are required to lodge the appeal through the EAAB Query Management System and attaching payment proof within 14 days of publishing of examination results.

Alternatively, emails can be sent to:
No late appeals will be considered.

Late appellants whose applications cannot be considered are thus welcome to request the EAAB to use the paid appeal fees for any paid service rendered by the EAAB. The applicable schedule of fees is available on the EAAB website.

Mfundo Daki
The Estate Agency Affairs Board

The original ‘first’ Communique can be viewed here:  Communique to Exam candidates on the EAAB On-line exam System