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Author:  Meryl Muller
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19 November 2020


On behalf of Myself, the Institute of Estate Agents of SA [IEASA] and Facilitators around the Country:
We would like to Wish All the Candidates who are registered to write the ‘First’ EAAB – PDE ‘ level 4 & 5 on-line’ – the Very Best for Your examination, today!!

Many of the Candidates around the Country, have contacted Ourselves and their Facilitators, in a panic, due to the last minute EAAB 2nd Communique, that was only sent out, yesterday!!

A large amount of people are not computer literate and given that this exam is being undertaken, for the first time, via an ‘unfamiliar’ platform [even to computer literate people] this is daunting, to say the least.


After following the above link, You will find the following:

Welcome to this practice exam. This practice exam is to let you experience the online platform in which you will take your official examination. In this practice exam you will find question types as used in your official examination:

  • Multiple choice Where you can select 1 alternative
    Multiple response Where you can select 1 or more alternatives
    Numerical question In which you have to enter a value as your answer
    Essay question In which you write your essay answer

    This welcome screen shows you the details of the examination. See the details below. Information can be found here such as the number of questions, the duration and the maximum marks to score.

    To start your assessment, click on Start Assessment.  As soon as you start the assessment, the first question will appear and the time of your examination starts.

    Your browser has been approved.


    Number of questions:  5

    Schedule start:   N/A

    Attempt:     1 0f 1

    Which attempts counts:    Last attempt

    Duration:      30 minutes

    Schedule deadline:    N/A

    Max score:    12

    Percentage for pass mark:   50%


    You are not allowed to leave the system during the examination session. Leaving your desk will automatically terminate the examination.

    Please have your ID or Passport at hand, since you might be asked for when starting the examination.

    The original ‘second’ Communique can be viewed 2nd. Communique to Exam candidates on the EAAB On-line exam: