Consumer Information


Registering/opening an online profile for a New – Intern Agent ….

Please note that when registering/opening an online profile for a new intern agent the EAAB now requires the following template to be completed and uploaded.

If you do not use this format the EAAB will not issue the Intern with a FFC.

Unfortunately no practice note to this effect has been issued- one discovers this when the FFC is not issued.   Hence the following must be uploaded on application of new intern:

1.      South African Citizens and Permanent Residents – Certified copy of a valid ID book;
Foreign Nationals – Certified copy of valid Passport and certified copy of work or business permit issued by the South African Department of Home Affairs;

2.     Letter of Employment signed by the principal of the estate agency firm, confirming employment of the applicant;

3.     Firm PIN Number of the estate agency firm that will be employing the applicant (the estate agency firm must be in possession of a valid, current Fidelity Fund Certificate);

4.    Individual seven-digit EAAB reference number of the mentor employed by the estate agency firm, that will be employing the applicant, (the mentor must be a zPrincipal or Full Status estate agent and in possession of a valid, current FFC and who has held Principal or Full Status for at least 3 consecutive years, prior to taking on the Mentorship of an Intern.

5.     Payment of the relevant application fee of R529, 80 into the bank account indicated on the MyEAAB Agents Portal after the completion of the online application process….   [this amount can change]