AA - 2020

Author:  Christo Weilbach
24 April 2020

Dear Estate Agents

At this stage I am sure that everyone’s nerves are raw and that frustration and uncertainty is high on the agenda. We are in uncharted waters and we need to swim. At least Estate Agents are known for their resilience and I know that our profession will come back from this stronger than before.  In anticipation of the President’s announcement, regarding which industries will re-open during Alert Level 4, IEASA has proactively prepared a document which was sent to various government departments.

It seems that there is uncertainty as to whether Estate Agents are classified under “Financial and Professional Services” or under “Real Estate”. This document addresses this issue. It further requests the re-opening of the Real Estate Profession based on the three criteria that should be considered.  We will only have certainty as to the next steps once President Ramaphosa has made an announcement and it is Gazetted.

You also would have noticed in the media that IEASA is one of the founding members of the newly formed National Property Practitioner Council (NPPC). Going forward this is going to be a very important organisation for the broader Property Practitioners industry, as well as the Estate Agents Profession within it, as represented by IEASA.

I know that a lot of Estate Agents have followed the advice given at the beginning of lock down and have used this time to build and develop relationships with their customers and that once Real Estate reopens, you will have built a strong customer base.

IEASA has also been offering free online Webinars and I know that a lot of knowledge and expertise was shared.  If you did not use this time to communicate with your customers and to make use of the free training …………. there is about a week left for you to grab the opportunity.

I wish you all well and hope to have some good news for you soon.

Christo Weilbach
President IEASA