Estate Agents in possession of a Valid Fidelity Fund Certificate are invited to apply to become a Real Estate Partner - [REP]   You will enjoy the benefits of Real Estate, Legal and Financial Information, Education, News & Updates.   You will have access to ongoing Motivational Material, News and Reviews relating to  interesting ‘events’ in the world of Real Estate.   This is necessary to maintain a solid foundation from which to grow your Real Estate Business.   In this very Competitive Profession, every Stakeholder needs to ensure that they have their ‘house in order’.
This together with the essential ‘backup and support’, in all facets of the Industry, is imperative to sustain a successful career in Real Estate and at the same time build a financially sound business.  Real Estate Partners [REP] - Administration, will continue to Promote the Partnership through our Business Associations and Links, On-line Interactive Discussions, and  Real Estate Road shows.  
We will encourage Service Providers - Real Estate Service Partners [RESPs] - to advertise on the [REP] Website and make available their services and commodities.   Our continued Marketing of the Website, will ensure that you and ‘your’ business have maximum exposure in support of reaching your Target Market - the 'Consumer'.

The all important balance of life, is to ensure that you take time to enjoy the gift of sharing with others.   As an [REP] you are encouraged to communicate with other [REPs] through this secure Interactive Networking Media. 
Real Estate Partners is about linking Real Estate and other related Industries for the Purpose of Sharing Professional Knowledge and Experience.
Through this Interactive Marketing, Educational and Networking Media, we will grow our Portal by inviting Estate Agents to become Real Estate Partners [REPs] and Service Providers [RESPs] to advertise on our website and to share in our vision of creating a Unity of Committed Partners.
Who Should Join?
1.  All Real Estate Agents who are determined to take their business to the ‘next level’; 
2.  Estate Agents who realise that competition is inevitable and therefore need recourse to all facets of the Industry;
3.  Estate Agents who need to ensure that their business is keeping abreast of the ever-changing Market Place. 

Competition is healthy and you need to connect with other 'like-minded' people, doing what you are doing.   You can express your views, refer business and at the same time, benefit from our  [REP] ‘Marketing & Educational Network’ - by joining a working partnership to promote yourself, your business and the industry.
Membership - Estate Agents [REPs]
1.  Membership is FREE and available to all Persons who are in possession of a valid Fidelity Fund Certificate and óther' persons, if found to be in the interest of the Website 
     and at the sole discretion of Real Estate Partners Administration.  We reserve the right to change this policy without notice.
2.  Intended users may apply for membership by submitting a completed [REP] registration form which is accessed via the 'JOIN NOW' function on the Website Front Page and 
     as per instructions printed on the registration form.
3.  You must be eighteen years old or older, to register as a member of Real Estate Partners or to use the Website.  By using the Website, you represent and warrant that you
     have the right.
4.  No person may us the Website for any unlawful purpose or in any way which violates these terms and conditions.
5.  No person may use the Website to promote any other website, service or business which directly or indirectly competes with the Real Estate Partners Website or cencept.

[REPs] - On-line Registration:
Complete the [REP] on-line Registration form and submit same.  You will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your Registration form.   [REPs] are expected to supply a profile and all essential contact details, this is kept to a minimum, with all the secure protocol and rights not to make use of this privileged information.  You are then encouraged to add optional/additional ‘other’ information, when updating your profile, once your membership is confirmed.

You need to remember your USERNAME and PASSWORD, to be able to login to the Website - registered domain name:  www.realestatepartners.co.za

[REPs] – Use of the Real Estate Partners Website:
Registered [REPs] have access to all the functions on the Real Estate Partners website:

1.  Access to the [REPs] Library  -  Real Estate, Legal & Financial  -  Documentation, Education, Case Histories, Updates & News & Reviews
2.  Send and Receive Personal emails
3.  Contribute to other [REPs] Blogs  and  Create your own Blogs [these can be Business or Topical Issues]  - make it interesting!
4.  Request the Real Estate Partners Administration to include 'your' Events & Functions in the Events Calendar
5.  Access to the registered [REPs] Index – for Networking & Referrals
6.  Free Listing in the Estate Agents - [REPs] Index  -  with provision for a URL / direct link to a personal/company website
7.  Access to the Service Providers - [RESPs] Index  –  a means of expanding your business base

CONSUMERS – Buyers & Sellers:
CONSUMERS have browsing access to certain functions on the Real Estate Partners Website. They can:
1.  View the [REPs] Index - when looking for an [REP] in a Specific Area or area of Expertise
2.  View the [RESPs] Index - when looking for a Service and/or Commodity
3.  Access to the ‘Consumers’ -  Real Estate Partners Library – Educational Material and Important Industry contact numbers and details

[RESPs] – Use of the Real Estate Partners Website:
Real Estate Service Partners [RESPs] have browsing access to certain functions on the Real Estate Partners Website. They can:
1.  Advertise their Services and/or Commodities on the Real Estate Partners website
2.  View the registered [REPs] Index
3.  View the [RESPs] Index - see who else is advertsing on the Real Estate Partners website
4.  Provision for a URL / direct Link to the [RESPs] own website
5.  Access to the ‘Consumers’ - Real Estate Partners Library – Educational Material and Important Industry contact numbers and details

[RESPs] and [REPs] – Display Advertising Costs:
Top Banner [subject to availability] approx. size:  [997 x 58 pixels]  -  R ...... [Price on Application]  per month 
     [reserved for: 3, 6 & 12 month periods]

2.  Side Display – Advertisement:
     2.2  Sole [RESP] advertisement        -   approx. [115 x 80 pixels]   -   R  850.00  per month
     2.3  Sharing  with 1 other [RESP]     -   approx. [115 x 80 pixels]   -   R  650.00  per month
     2.4  Sharing with  2 other [RESPs]   -   approx. [115 x 80 pixels]   -   R  450.00  per month

3.  Bottom Display - Advertrisement:  -  approx. [130 x 50 pixels]   -   R  350.00 per month
     When  purchasing any of the above Advertising options, the [RESP] is automatically listed in the [RESP] index – FREE

4.  Indexed Business Listing [only] - [RESPs] – Indexed by Province and by Service/Commodity  -   R  250.00 per month
[RESPs] and [REPs] will be notified by email, should there be any change to the advertising costs.  
[RESPs] - Advertising at Workshops and Events: 
1.  RESP - Own Stands [price on application - POA]          R ………per event
2.  Real Estate Partners provide the Stand [POA]               R ........... per event

**   Terms and Conditions apply to all advertising on the Real Estate Partners Website:   emails can be directed to admin@realestatepartners.co.za
Real Estate Partners Administration will continue to advertise the Real Estate Partners website, on the Internet and also in Hard Copy!   We will strive to make Real Estate Partners {the logo – [REP]}  the Most Advertised ... "Buzz Word" in Real Estate, through the media of:

1.  Personal Correspondence to Target Markets
2.  Promotions through Roadshows
3.  Press Advertising
4.  Property Magazines
REAL ESTATE PARTNERS  - Understanding with:   [REPs]
When you become a [REP] you open the ‘door of opportunity’ to take yourself and your business, to the next level.   The Real Estate Partners 'Marketing & Networking' website affords you the 'tools' to connect with other ‘like-minded'  people, doing what you are doing.   Make it a habit of Networking, Referring and Collaborating with other [REPs]  
To ensure that all [REPs] enjoy the experience of  'Marketing & Networking' through this unique Real Estate website, we ask you to respect and work with us, so as to uphold the values that we place, on the relationships we build.

[REPs]  are encouraged to ‘build their personal brand’ and grow their business, by making use of the information and tuition we offer.
[REP]s are encouraged to share their knowledge and experiences with other [REPs].   Create blogs and debate on other [REPs] blogs, on matters relating to the Industry or topical and interesting events.... ‘ as they happen’.  [Bad language, blasphemy and insulting comments will not be tolerated]
The Real Estate Partners Administration reserves the right to delete any blog of an ‘unsavoury’ nature and not within keeping of the Real Estate Partners ethos.  No correspondence will be entered into.

[REPs] need to ensure that they update their profiles on a regular basis.   This is your 'Business Card' and Link to other [REPs], [RESPs] and Consumers -prospective Buyers and Sellers.
Encourage other Estate Agents to become [REPs] 
Encourage Service Providers to become [RESPs] and advertise on the Real Estate Partners website.

This is all part of growing our business relationship and creating new opportunities, through the benefits of Networking.

Real Estate Partners & Networking?
Networking through Real Estate Partners is about connecting with other ‘like-minded' people.  People who are prepared to ‘invest’ in making the workplace a more congenial and profitable experience for other [REPs] and [RESPs]  

To work on building lasting relationships that in time, lead to trust..... 'Trust' being the solid foundation needed, to grow 'your' business.
Any Questions or Requests:  Please email:



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