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Whether you work for a Company or Yourself.....
All Estate Agents in possession of a valid Fidelity Fund Certificate are encouraged to register with Real Estate Partners.  
You will be listed under the heading:  Estate Agents.

Anyone browsing the website looking for an Estate Agent, is able to view your contact details - 365 days a year!

Searching for an Estate Agent or Company? 

1.  Agent / Company Search: 
     Insert the Agent's Name and/or Surname or
     Insert the name of the Company the Agent Represents

     Select the Province and then the Area.  All Estate Agents who have registered, are listed.
     For a Specific field of Expertise eg: [Residential; Commercial; Letting] when selected, the Estate Agents who have specified fields
     of expertise, will be listed. 

When viewing an Estate Agents profile, an email facility is provided to send a message directly to the Estate Agents personal email address.

To Register, complete the JOIN  NOW  form which is accessed through the Home Page and submit same.   

On receipt of your Registration Form, the Administrator will Activate your access and you will be given Full Use of the website.  
Non-registered Estate Agents do not have access to all the benefits and features that the website has to offer.

We will assist you to Grow your Business by continually making available Literature and Information. 
This will ensure that you are always well informed of what is happening in our Industry.

CAN YOU AFFORD ... NOT TO JOIN  Real Estate Partners?

For more information please email the Administrator:

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