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  01. Things To Do Before You Call A Real Estate Agent
  01. Things You Think Add Value To Your Home - But Really Don`t
  01. Ways To Improve Your Home`s Sell-ability
  02. Choosing an Estate Agent
  03. The Transfer Process
  Be savvy when it comes to bond finance
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  EAAB Guide to Purchase & Sale of Immovable Property
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  Windfall for VAT vendor property purchasers


02. Choosing an Estate Agent
Author : Estate Agency Affairs Board 


Q. What is the first thing I should ask for when making contact with an estate agent?
A.    Don't start negotiations with an unregistered estate agent. Ask him to show you
       his current registration card issued by the Board. This certificate is your assurance
       that the estate agent is subject to the Estate Agents Board's Code of Conduct, rules
       and jurisdiction.

Q. What if I'm still unsure about the credentials of my estate agent?
A.    Call The Estate Agency Affairs Board and they'll check his record for details and
       advise you if there have been any past misdemeanours.

Q. How does an estate agent operate?
A.    Usually a seller will approach an estate agent to sell his property. If the seller is
       happy with the estate agents marketing plan and commission proposal, the seller
       will then give the agent instructions (a mandate) to sell. Such arrangements
       should preferably be recorded in writing. Only then should the estate agent be
       allowed to put the property on the market. Remember - the amount of
       commission payable, usually by the seller, is negotiable, and in most cases
       attracts VAT

Q. How do I choose an estate agent?
A.    Choose an estate agent who appears to have the trust of the community. Such
       trust is usually achieved through expert and honest dealing. Speak to more than
       one agent especially if you want to find out the value of your property. Keep your
       eyes and ears open!  Don't accept the first offer you receive unless it meets your
       requirements.  If in doubt seek professional advice.

Q. If an estate agent has stolen my deposit or treated me unfairly, what can I do?
A.    Contact The Estate Agency Affairs Board immediately for advice and instructions.

      The Estate Agency Affairs Board
       [08:30  to  16:00]  Monday to Friday      
      Tel no:  011 731 5600
      or write to:
      Private Bag X10, 
      Benmore 2010.

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