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About Advertising...

Why Advertise?

The Importance of Advertising is to attract Consumers to make use of your Services and Purchase your Products. Real Estate Partners website now affords you the opportunity to invest in this very important aspect of ‘your’ business.

Advertising on this website is directed at:

Estate Agents
Service Providers
Buyers & Seller  [Consumers]

There are primary and secondary functions of advertising but ultimately you are targeting a market and attracting attention to ‘you’ and your brand.

  1. Advertising promotes your Services and Products to a larger market.  It allows you to reach a far greater number of people outside of your  immediate working area and therefore you do not have to rely on passing trade.
  2. Advertising reaches out to Consumers and assists them to make their next  purchasing decision.
  3. Advertising is used as a way to establish a relationship with Consumers.  People like to do business with Companies and People that they are familiar with.
  4. Advertising is any message that presents your Services and Products in a  manner that attracts the reader to act.
  5. Advertising is a support system which gives Sales and Marketing people a  basis to work from. It assists in promoting your Services and Products and  it is a proven fact that Consumers react more readily to printed literature, in support of what is being Marketed or Sold.

Advertising has many objectives and functions that will help you promote ‘your’ business. The above is a very brief account of some of the functions connected to Advertising.

One of the most important aspects of setting up ‘your’ business is that you implement an Advertising Strategy as part of your Business Plan.

Estate Agents and Service Providers are able to Advertise their Services on the Real Estate Partners website.

Together we can build a comprehensive collection of Services and Products focused on the Real Estate Industry and its people.

We will continue to market the Real Estate Partners website to ensure that all Consumers get to know about Real Estate Partners, how they can freely browse the website and easily connect with Estate Agents & Service Providers who are listed on the website.



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